Collection: The Beauty Of Small-Batch + Hand-Crafted

The world of design and consumerism is cluttered by poorly made and mass produced items. Consumer goods that have no heart or soul, but exist for the purpose to satisfy our unshakeable desire for something new, different or exciting in a world overflowing with transient tastes and ever changing trends.

Today consumer items are both cheap and disposable, making it incredibly easy for us to replace our pieces the moment we get tired of looking at them. All to often we forget, that as we spend to maintain our habit we are also contributing to

  • the  environmental damages of mass manufacture,
  • carbon intensive shipping,
  • loss of natural resources,
  • and cheap Third World labour.

It's become the norm to hunt online for bargain after bargain, and sadly many of us forget about our local craftsmen  -those with time honoured skills who are trying to make an honest living.

There is something very wonderful about a piece of furniture lovingly crafted from a beautiful piece of well dried timber that has been honed, carved and polished to perfection. Its filled with life and spirit in a way that mass produced pieces never can. I think we all love and appreciate the beauty of handmade objects. Whether it is the feel of a certain texture on our fingertips, the story of the creator weaved within the pattern, the luxurious quality of a material, the fact that we are supporting local artists and sustainable consumerism or the knowledge that they are only available in limited quantities; handmade objects speak to us on an inexplicable level, moving us in ways both profound and intangible.

Even with today’s confluence of mass produced there is a growing trend to get back to basics, and a thriving market for artisans who have dedicated themselves to perfecting centuries’ old techniques. A new consciousness, in pace with the growing enthusiasm for sustainability, has created a new economy in which supporting domestic and local artists and products matters more than ever. Many of us are moving away from the ‘more is better’ philosophy and appreciating quality over quantity, and when it comes to choosing furniture and decor for the home we make no exceptions.


Handmade pieces celebrate not only the tiny flaws, but also what the designer was thinking and feeling on a particular day.


There are many fantastic artisans that build beautiful furniture, however today I am going to showcase to you the work of HandbuiltCo. was created by two brothers on the Gold Coast Australia, and they produce bespoke furniture that is handmade out of mostly reclaimed woods. Their designs are growing in demand  because of the level of craftsmanship and the fine detailing each piece of furniture reflects.

Whether the result of a fine arts background, design education, or the sheer desire to work with their hands, talented furniture makers remind us of the importance of revitalizing traditional artistry and the quiet beauty that well-crafted pieces bring to our lives. In a world where digital technology and virtual reality are ubiquitous, one-of-a-kind objects allow us to slow down and appreciate the finer things—and, anything handcrafted is the ultimate luxury.

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to step of the mass consumerism treadmill and invest some time and money in collecting a  few pieces of handmade furniture for your own home. Being built to last a lifetime, quality handmade furniture  will bring you joy for many years and give your home a deep sense of authenticity, warmth and character.

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