Claire is a yoga teacher and founder of The OM Collective. Being a lover of plants, nature and animals she is also the creator behind natural  beauty brand Botanical Trader and co-founder of Sugarloaf Eco Retreat + Animal Sanctuary [opening soon]

Being a perfectionist, yoga didn't come naturally to Claire at first and it took her years to enjoy and appreciate the full philosophy behind yoga. However, once she was able to put her ego aside and surrendered the need of having to "strike the perfect pose", she stepped into a space of true love and appreciation for herself, her body and all that exists around her.

It was here her journey of yoga began. Claire fell deeply in love with the completeness of yoga. Realising that yoga was the final link that was missing in her life.

Like so many, Claire suffered body acceptance issues. An emotional issue that controlled her daily and one that was hard to get under-control. However, yoga taught Claire to love and appreciate her body in a way she never had before.

Today, body positivity yoga is one of Claire's greatest passions and a movement that she greatly supports. Claire's classes are not solely focused on perfect form but also on acceptance and appreciation for the body and self. All students are encouraged to attend her classes from complete newbies to people who are afraid of going to yoga out of fear of being to fat, skinny, old, injured and overall 'not good enough yet'.

In November 2018 Claire embarked on a 200hr teacher training with Georgina Eve @ Movement. Freedom. Transformation . She is now a registered member of Yoga Alliance and offers group classes and retreats specialising in Hatha, Restorative/YIN, Slow + Mindful and SUP Yoga. 

Claire teaches from the heart, always with a focus on strengthening the mind, body and emotional awareness.  Claire is super excited to share the gift of yoga with you on and off the mat.

Being based in Jindabyne, an alpine town nestled at the base of the iconic Snowy Mountains, Claire teaches both SUP yoga on Lake Jindabyne along with a slow + mindful style yoga on the mat at the local sailing club.

All of Claire's classes have been carefully curated with the intention to heal and strengthen both the mind and body and be a positive pillar on your road to self-healing and transformation. Read Claire's extended bio here.

The two styles of yoga Claire currently teaches are:

Slow + Mindful Yoga 

A nourishing, gentle style with a focus on breath, alignment and stability. Suitable for all levels, especially beginners and those of you wanting to re-familiarise yourself with the poses and build strength mentally and physically with long holds.

A meditative practice with long and passively held stretches [anywhere from 90 seconds to 8 minutes]. Slow and mindful yoga targets the deeper layers of the body and connective tissues, while offering you a nurturing space to be quiet within so that you can connect and get closer with your own true nature or authentic self.

Slow and Mindful Yoga helps you to: 

  • Learn self-compassion and self-awareness
  • Reduce anxiety and depression
  • Feel grounded and energised
  • Live life with full acceptance and trust in a changing world
  • Release trapped energy in your body that may be causing pain or stiffness
  • Slow down, de-stress and learn mastery of breath to still the mind
  • Deepen your spiritual practice
  • Re-establish a connection and  loving communication with your body
  • Restore inner awareness and self-truth that brings clarity and inner peace
  • Increase flexibility and muscle balance


SUP Yoga On Lake Jindabyne

SUP Yoga is a fun and more light-hearted approach to yoga that gets you outdoors and infused with a healthy dose of vitamin D from the sun. After the class there is also the option to go for a quick paddle on Lake Jindabyne to absorb the beauty of the surrounding Snowy Mountains.