Welcome to The OM Collective - a conscious lifestyle brand and publication mindfully curated to inspire and support fellow eco warriors on their journey to mindful living.  

Here at The OM Collect we embrace the Slow Living Movement [Sustainability, Local, Organic + Whole] with a focus on self-healing, simple living, conscious consumerism, kindness, veganism and plant-based eating.

In our over-connected world, we need to learn how to tap the brakes, slow down and get back to living in a more mindful, present and authentic space.

The hope for our brand is that it will help redefine what it means to live a life that matters with a strong focus on ethical, kind and green living.

The OM Collective isn’t just a platform. Or even a publication. It’s a media and lifestyle business coupled with creating a strong community of forward thinking people who want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

We’re moving beyond the fluff to bring you media and lifestyle choices that matter.

Powered by a blog, ethical product and mindful living guides, podcast, yoga and wellness retreats, a Saturday morning newsletter PLUS a whole heap more,  we hope to provide modern yet sustainable inspiration and information in hope that together we build a more balanced planet  - one that is more kinder, greener and sustainable.


To live ethical is to treat all life as sacred; plants, animals and human kind. Live with consciousness, fully understanding the impact of every decision you make and every word you speak.


Over the years we have (like many of you) agonizingly watched on as wildlife, wilderness and people have come under increasing threat despite all the efforts to protect them. However, world change is possible - it is as simple as more people choosing to make more informed and ethical decisions in their everyday life - from what products we buy to how we choose to spend our free time. 

Our philosophy is grounded in having respect for all life  -  with you, with animals, with nature and with the local communities which so depend on them.

Welcome The OM Collective – we are delighted to have you on board!



‘OM Collective’, is a short film that tells the story of what our brand stands for; positive ways consumers can choose consciously to create world change and what led us to launch the brand ‘OM Collective’.

Reflecting on the ups and down that got us to where we are today, while bringing an on-the-ground look at the current issues unconscious consumerism is having on the world around us, and the change that can be brought about simply by more consumers choosing to make more conscious choices in their everyday life.

It offers a glimpse into our everyday life here at ‘The OM Collective ’,  along with showcasing a movement that has the power to end world poverty, injustice, planet destruction and animal cruelty.