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The OM Collective

7 Day Sleep Ritual

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In today’s modern era, quality sleep is a luxury that so many of us don’t prioritise.

Sleep is crucial to both our physical and our mental health. By being aware of our own stress and implementing daily calm habits we are able to live less in our head and become more aware of the present moment.

At bedtime, when we finally stop and become still, it is in this moment that the thoughts of the mind tend to become the strongest. The sleep ritual box is a mindful approach on how to calm the mind and relax the body so that you can unwind from the day and fall into a deep and peaceful slumber. It is an intentional living tool that is designed to be your bedside companion, filled with therapeutic tools and a resource of calm habits you will discover methods that help you let go of the day—everything that’s happened and everything that’s been said — so that you can rest the mind while simultaneously resting the body.