44 Affirmations By Rumi That Heal The Soul

44 Affirmations By Rumi That Heal The Soul

In the realm of spiritual literature, the words of Rumi stand as a timeless beacon of wisdom and enlightenment, guiding seekers on a journey of self-discovery and inner transformation.

Born in the 13th century, Rumi, a Persian poet, mystic, and Sufi master, left behind a profound legacy that continues to resonate with souls across the ages. His poetry, infused with mystical insights and profound truths, transcends cultural and religious boundaries, offering solace, inspiration, and guidance to all who seek the deeper meaning of life.

With verses that speak directly to the heart and soul, Rumi invites readers to explore the mysteries of existence, to delve into the depths of their being, and to embrace the divine essence that resides within. In the enchanted garden of Rumi's words, seekers find nourishment for the spirit, illumination for the mind, and solace for the soul, as they embark on a transformative journey of love, wisdom, and spiritual awakening.

In the realm of meditation, affirmations are a profound portal to inner transformation, emotional well-being and biological wellness. Affirmations are positive statements that are repeated with intention, they serve as gentle whispers of self-compassion that echo positive vibrations of energy through the chambers of our mind, body and soul.

In todays writing we embark on the continuation of our enchanting journey through 21 days of magic, wisdom, and unconditional love with Rumi. As we step into day 6, we delve deeper into the timeless teachings of Rumi, the persian mystic poet, to harness the profound potential of dwelling in positivity and high vibrational frequencies. Through affirmations inspired by Rumi, together, we will unlock the door to inner peace, inspiration, and spiritual expansion, guided by the luminous wisdom that Rumi's words offer.

Affirmations are not merely words, they are a high vibrational frequency. The words re-program our thoughts and beliefs, the high vibrational frequency reprograms out entire state of being. We are a quantum body – an energetic body – made up of tiny atoms, energetic fields and vibrations that interact with the quantum field of the entire universe. The thoughts, emotions, consciousness and the energetic vibrations we choose to dwell within all affect the quantum processes within our bodies, influencing our health and well-being. In essence, we are deeply interconnected to the energetic quantum realm of all that is, where energy and consciousness converge. Therefore what we consume, think, believe we ultimately become. Where and who we surround ourselves with also affects us on a quantum and energetic level.

The more positive energy we choose to consume and surround ourselves with the more potent of a catalyst it becomes for change, guiding us towards a state of profound healing and renewal.

Rumi wrote, "The garden of the world has no limits, except in your mind".
Rumi suggests that the true limits are not external but rather internal, existing within the confines of one's own mind, where our perceptions, beliefs, and thoughts shape our reality and determine the extent of our experiences.

Rumi invites us to recognize the power of our minds in shaping our understanding of the world and our place within it. By expanding our consciousness and breaking free from self-imposed limitations, we can unlock the boundless potential of the universe and embrace a more expansive and fulfilling existence.

I gently invite you to open yourself up an dembark on a journey of self-discovery, where affirmations become the guiding stars illuminating your path to inner peace, self-love, and wholeness.

I have written 44 affirmations which you will find below. 44 being an angelic master number of guidance, support and protection from the angelic realm. If you would prefer to listen to the affirmations you can view my affirmation meditation here on YouTube or Spotify.

You can integrate these affirmations into your daily routine—listen while you sleep, during your morning walk, or as part of your nightly wind-down ritual. You may like to journal. meditation or reflect on one affirmation a day. 

Pay attention to how each affirmation makes you feel; some may resonate deeply, while others may trigger emotions. Take note of these responses and explore the underlying reasons, as shedding light on our inner darkness will always lead to profound growth and understanding.

As we evolve internally, our resonance with certain affirmations may shift. Therefore, I encourage you to revisit these affirmations regularly, observing how your internal landscape changes with each listening session.

May you continue to walk the path of enlightenment and transformation, guided by the timeless wisdom of Rumi and the light of your own divine essence.

Peace, love, and blessings be with you always.

I hope you enjoy.




1. "I embrace the journey of self-discovery and personal growth."
2. "I am deeply connected to the wisdom of the universe, guiding me on my path."
3. "I surrender to the flow of life, trusting in the divine plan for my journey."
4. "I am worthy of love, abundance, and joy in all areas of my life."
5. "I am a drop in the ocean of divine love, connected to all beings."
6. "I embrace the beauty of impermanence and flow with life's changes."
7. "My heart is a sanctuary of peace and compassion."
8. "I dance with the rhythm of the universe, surrendering to its divine melody."
9. "I am a mirror reflecting the light of the divine within me and others."
10."I trust the wisdom of my soul to guide me on my journey."
11. "I am not a drop in the ocean, I am the entire ocean in a drop."
12. "I let go of fear and doubt, allowing love to lead the way."
13. "I am a traveler on the path of love, embracing its twists and turns."
14. "I am a vessel of divine grace, overflowing with blessings."
15. "I surrender to the present moment, finding joy in its simplicity."
16. "I am a seeker of truth, finding wisdom in every experience."
17. "I am rooted in the earth, yet soaring with the wings of spirit."
18. "I am a fountain of love, quenching the thirst of all who come my way."
19. "I am a spark of the divine, shining brightly in the darkness."
20. "I am the universe experiencing itself through the lens of my soul."
21. "I embrace the mystery of life, trusting in the divine plan unfolding."
22. "I am a channel for divine healing energy, bringing light wherever I go."
23. "I am not this body, I am the soul that animates it."
24. "I am grateful for every moment, knowing that each breath is a gift."
25. "I am a mirror reflecting the beauty of the universe, shining with divine radiance."
26. "I am a seeker of truth, journeying inward to discover the depths of my soul."
27. "I am a river of love, flowing effortlessly towards the ocean of oneness."
28. "I am a whisper in the wind, sharing messages of love and compassion with the world."
29. "I am a garden of blessings, nurturing seeds of kindness and gratitude in every moment."
30. "I am a flame of passion, igniting the hearts of others with the fire of love."
31. "I am a vessel of peace, spreading harmony and serenity wherever I go."
32. "I am a melody of joy, singing the song of life in perfect harmony."
33. "I am a beacon of light, guiding others towards the path of enlightenment."
34. "I am a dance of energy, swirling and twirling in the cosmic dance of creation."
35. "I am a tapestry of wisdom, weaving threads of insight and understanding into the fabric of existence."
36. "I am a star in the night sky, illuminating the darkness with my radiant presence."
37. "I am a tree of life, rooted in the earth and reaching towards the heavens."
38. "I am a drop of rain, nourishing the parched earth with love and compassion."
39. "I am a reflection of divine perfection, embodying the essence of love and light."
40. "I am a warrior of peace, wielding the sword of love to conquer fear and hatred."
41. "I am a song of gratitude, singing praises to the universe for its boundless blessings."
42. "I am a child of the cosmos, born from stardust and destined for greatness."
43. "I am a vessel of transformation, embracing change and growth with open arms."
44. "I am a mirror of love, reflecting the beauty and wonder of the universe for all to see."