Align. Connect. Become One

Strengthen your mind and body with one of our  Jindabyne yoga classes. Yoga helps you to: 

  • Learn self-compassion and self-awareness
  • Reduce anxiety and depression
  • Feel grounded and energised
  • Live life with full acceptance and trust in a changing world
  • Release trapped energy in your body that may be causing pain or stiffness
  • Slow down, de-stress and learn mastery of breath to still the mind
  • Deepen your spiritual practice
  • Re-establish a connection and  loving communication with your body
  • Restore inner awareness and self-truth that brings clarity and inner peace
  • Increase flexibility and muscle balance

The OM Yoga Space


OM Yoga Class Descriptions

OM Gentle A more relaxed pace with gentle poses, relaxation, and mediation

OM Grounded Slow to medium paced Hatha style class, exploring forward folds, twists, breath techniques, relaxation and Savasana to instil a sense of peace in the mind and body. Class themes revolve around tranquillity, inner peace, cultivating calm, focus and stilling the mind.

OM Vitality A regular Hatha style class that combines backbend and lateral poses with sun salutations and Vinyasa. Class themes revolve around power, expansion, Sun and freedom. Breath work and savannas also incorporated with this class.

OM Vinyasa Continuous breath and flow sequences

OM SUNDAY A 90min mindful yoga journey with the emphasis on stretching to release mind and body tensions. Bolsters, straps, and blocks used in this class for additional support.



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