About Us

Welcome to the OM Collective, a mindful lifestyle brand and publication thoughtfully crafted to ignite a sense of wellbeing, completeness, self-love compassion and nurturing care.

Guided by passion and soulful dedication, Claire the owner and founder has poured her heart into the OM Collective. Her efforts have led to the flourishing expansions of her business, with multiple ventures now under the umbrella of the OM Collective brand, including The Botanical Trader (make it so they can click on the link. The OM Collective Yoga Space, The OM Collective Skin and Body and OM Collective Publications.

As the business expands, Claire has warmly welcomed Aymie into her team, where Aymie takes on the roles of assistant, lead beauty therapist and yoga instructor. United in purpose Claire and Aymie are dedicated to empowering others. Their joint mission focuses on enhancing self-esteem, boosting confidence, and improving mental and physical health for people of all ages and walks of life.