The Space Between The Stars Guided Sleep Meditation

The Space Between The Stars Guided Sleep Meditation

Drop your worries of the day and fall into a deep and luxurious sleep as you take a relaxing and magical journey into the night sky above. 

If worry or overthinking keeps you from falling asleep at night then take a journey with me to the space between the stars where together we will surrender, relax, find inner calm and reconnect back with the peaceful natural state of being.

The space between the stars is a magical yet sacred destination where it is safe to leave your worries behind; an endless vastness of sacred space - space to rest, heal and restore. A soft-landing pad for you to just breathe, float and be.

This guided sleep meditation will help you fall asleep effortlessly, in silence, in full and sweet surrender.

The most beautiful thing about falling into the space between the stars is that no matter what is going on for you – you will always be able to see the guiding light of the stars around you. And for as long as you can see the stars you can never truly be lost.

Hit play and drift into a deep nourishing sleep.






Hello and welcome to tonight’s guided sleep meditation.

To begin….turn off the lights and create a warm and nurturing sleep space. A space that invites you to feel safe, nurtured and at ease. You may like to open the window to let the evening breeze into your room, light a candle or diffuse some lavender oil in your oil burner.

Cosy up in your bed…. get your body comfortable……let the soft fluffy pillow support your neck and head……feel the weight of the blanket or sheet as it rests on top your body.

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath in. And in your own time gently exhale.

Breathing in your own time and rhythm – notice the gentle rise and fall of the body with each breath

As the breath moves in and out of your body - invite yourself to relax. Letting go of the day. Preparing your mind and body to drift into a deep and blissful sleep.

Your bed is your calming retreat- free of daily pressures and obligations. You have no tasks to complete, no role to fulfil and no one to support except your sweet, beautiful self

A calming space just for you.

Begin to feel it. Relax into it.

Feel your muscles soften as you let go of the day.

Invite yourself to soften and let go a little more

Tonight, we will take a relaxing journey together into the space between the stars – a magical yet sacred destination where it is safe to leave your worries behind. The space between the stars is an endless vastness of sacred space - space to rest, heal and restore. A soft-landing pad for you to just breathe, float and be.

Where you will fall asleep effortlessly, surrounded by the starry night; and stay asleep, resting deeply through the night,
In silence, in full and sweet surrender.

The most beautiful thing about falling into the space between the stars is that no matter what is going on for you – you will always be able to see the guiding light of the stars around you. And for as long as you can see the stars you can never truly be lost.

Connecting with your breath. Feeling the rise and fall of the body as the breath gently moves through you.

Breathing in deeply and exhaling completely – surrender to this moment.

Begin to feel yourself slowly move away emotionally from the external world and any worries, events,
past or future that it holds.

It is OK to detach from it

It is ok to step off this crazy spinning world for just a moment -

In this moment, right here and now - It is safe to let it all go

Visualise leaving all your worries behind and drawing into your own inner world. A world that feels quiet, peaceful, safe. A calm place to rest and restore. A space where you can retreat and heal.

Away from everyone and everything.

No one else can enter this space,

It is completely yours.

This sacred space glows with the presence of now.

It’s a space that feels warm and familiar.

It is where your soul can return and completely restore.

Breathing in deeply…. see if you can move toward the stillness a little further. Falling deeper into relaxation. Moving further away from the outer world.

Rest in the ocean of calmness.

Feel how everything gets really quiet.

Feel yourself flowing with only what is happening here within you, now.

Completely immersed in the sensation of letting go.

I am here to reassure you that everything will be alright.

You can safely turn off the noise, distraction and worry from the external world.

Breathing in deeply. Exhaling completely. Let go a little more.

Good. Feel how your body is expanding. Creating more space for the breath to flow in.

Feeling lighter, floating freely.

Expanding. Connecting. Becoming one with all that is.

Breathing in deeply

Exhaling completely. Letting go even deeper.

Communicate with your body through the breath. Just for a moment.

Calling for the breath to cascade down your body like a gentle wave, leaving no space untouched. Every part nourished and relaxed.

Let the breath wash away your worries. Leaving you lighter, calmer. Present.

Your practice is beautiful, continue to evolve within it.

As the breath moves through you – notice a ripple of relaxation travel down through you - from the crown of your head, down your spine, lower body and feet

Good. You are doing so well.

Trust that everything will be ok. Trust that everything is as it should be.

Let’s continue to deepen this experience.

Visualise the beautiful night sky. The twinkling stars, the moon, the milky way and the vast endless space that sits between the stars. The night sky is a soothing balm - inviting you to melt deeper into a state of deep peace, wholeness and complete wellness,

Feel your body become light and weightless.

Feel yourself floating up towards the night sky. Moving in slow motion.

As you move on up towards the warm embrace of the night sky – feel yourself letting go and releasing. You are being called to simply let go and just be.

The more you let go – the more you feel at ease. The more heaviness you release the more space you create to fill yourself up with peace and lightness.

Allow yourself to breathe. Float and Just be.

Just simply float up up and up.

Floating slowly up towards the healing moon, guiding stars and the wisdom of the night sky

Resting in the night sky you feel worlds away from all the worries of your day.

Slowly move around and explore the magical night sky. Touch the stars. Stop and pick up a star in your hands, take a moment to really look at it and appreciate its beauty. Hold it close to your heart. Feel its love and the love the universe has for you. Feel its healing golden light ignite your heart.

Touch the moon. Hold the moon in your hands. Turn the moon over to view the moon from all angles. Become one in this moment with you and the moon.

Invite the healing golden light that radiates and illuminates the night sky to permeate your entire being. It calms you. It restores you. It heals you. It has wisdom to bring you.

Take a moment to dwell in the space between the stars. Fall softly into the vastness. Caressed by the dark blanket of the night sky you feel warm, protected and safe. Resting peacefully in the space between the stars. Begin to feel yourself dissolve and melt into the night sky, becoming one with all around you, drawn into the peaceful and protective energy of the night sky.

The magic starry curtain of the nights sky embraces you, accepts you, you feel yourself becoming one with the energy of the night sky

Surrender and allow yourself to fall deep into the vastness of the night sky, falling deeper and deeper into the space between the stars. It feels safe and nurturing. It feels magic and limitless. Continue to let go - falling deeper and deeper until it feels like you have faded into oneness with the night sky and are no longer here.


You are so deeply relaxed now.

Now Relax and fall a little more.

You deserve to feel relaxed.

You are safe, it is all going to be alright.

The more you relax, the more ease and joy finds you.

Together. Let us let go a little more.

For it is safe to just let it all go now.

Feel your body giving in.

Allow yourself to just fall, and fall and fall– for the night sky is holding you, protecting you, encouraging you to fall deeper.


Relaxed and softly aware. Noticing and admiring the stars that float in front of you. The golden stars start to slowly and ever so gently spin and sparkle. There is a column of golden light that connects you with the beautiful golden star. It feels warm and inviting. It feels like home.

You are so relaxed and at peace in this moment that you are able to absorb the message of wisdom that is held within the golden light radiating off the beautiful guiding star that floats before you. Wisdom and guidance is gently pouring into your mind, body and spirit.

Opening to your own sacredness.

Tuning into your own inner library of innate wisdom, intuition and deep inner knowing.

Accessing it all through your soft focus in the present moment.




Journey with me a little deeper, and together lets expand into the night sky

Reach out your hand.

Open up the palm of your hand so that you can receive the gifts from the night sky. Be open to receiving. Be receptive to receiving. Trust in the process. Open up and receive exactly what you need, take the time to listen and absorb. The message will be presented in a visual, word, thought, sound or just deep knowing within. Trust that what is shown to you is meant for you.

Now visualise bringing your hand to your heart.
Feel the message flowing into your heart.
As the message absorbs into your whole being it is grounding you, strengthening you and revitalising you.
You feel at home. You feel reconnected to your natural state of being. You feel a deep sense of peace

Rest in this ocean of peace. Rest in this way of being.

The more you surrender and relax, the more open and connected you become.
Feel it.
Become one with this state of being.
Sink into the sweetness of your soft presence.

Let yourself transcend into a state of dreaming.

Dreaming relaxed and gentle dreams.

You do not have to identify as anything else but peace

You are part of the night sky

Floating. Light and neutral.

Within your sacred starry space, you cannot feel or hear anything else but the soothing energy of the night sky

The old, the past is so far away now.

You are restoring

As you drift off Your body is getting softer. Your being is returning to its natural state.

I am right here with you. And everything will be OK.

Everything will be alright.

Worry is a feeling of the past.
Full of calm, peace and serenity.
It feels so good to let go.
Sweet dreams