Connecting With Your Own Creative Muse

Connecting With Your Own Creative Muse

Today we are going to take a journey together to reconnect with our own creative muse within. In all our busyness and getting lost in all our doing it is easy to disconnect from our own inspiration and creativity. Maybe you have the ideas within, but you cannot find the inspiration or motivation to act.  Or maybe your mind and life is so cluttered and busy that you cannot process your inspiration and creativity therefore making it hard to bring it into your own reality. Or maybe you are tired, weary and worn down and have no creativity or inspiration left within.

It’s okay…and completely natural and normal to feel like this.

Often uncertainty can overwhelm you… and mindless busyness, anxiety and stress can drown out the voice of your own inner creativity.

When dealing with creativity it is easy to have moments like this… moments where you feel blocked… stuck… not able to tap into your own creativity and let it flow into your work… into your life…

Harnessing creativity requires a mindful choice to slow down, de-stress and quieten within. Today we are going find that quiet space within so that you can hear the voice of your own creative muse.

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Start by taking a few deep breaths in.

There’s no need to control the breath now, let your body breathe at any pace that feels natural and comfortable at this moment

Relax your forehead, cheeks, jaw. Relax your shoulders, stomach and thighs. Become aware of how your body feels. Notice any feelings of heaviness or tension in the body. If there’s any noticeable tension in your body, focus on breathing into these spaces and on the exhale let any tension simply dissolve away.

Breathing in deeply. Exhaling completely.

As the breath moves within your body allow yourself to soften, relax and surrender.  Invite the body to tune into this space of awareness.

Allow your mind to slow and settle down. Become an observer to your thoughts. Letting them flow in and out of the mind without any attachment.

Resting in this space of awareness let everything appear in its own place, just as it is... you don’t need to point your attention at anything in particular right now. Just simply observe. Letting go of all the doing and simply staying present and aware to this moment.

Tuning into your own creative muse requires softening the ego and letting go of self- identification and detaching from the thinking process itself. You need to create the space within for the creativity to rise.

Drop into the position of being an observer – you are just merely witnessing whatever comes up for you without becoming attached.

Thoughts will come and go. That is only natural. But the moment you find yourself lost in your own thoughts bring your awareness back to your breath and the feeling of your body. If sensations of pain, regrets, worry come up, simply observe the feeling without getting pulled into the details and swept up by emotions... just simply come back to observing the breath, the body and this present moment.

Recognize the space between the thoughts... The moments when it is just you. Moments of just being, breathing and experiencing.  Rest in this space of awareness.

Time becomes irrelevant in this state where there is no past and no future... awareness only happens within the present moment, within the here and now.

Connecting with the breath. Allow yourself to soften a little further and settle into a deeper state of awareness.

Notice how this space of stillness feels calm and rejuvenating. There is a sense of contentment, of ease.

Breathing in deeply and exhaling completely. Take a few moments to appreciate this space of freedom.

With each breath feel how your body rises and falls.

Inhaling deeply…exhaling completely

Feel the rise and the fall.

Inhaling deeply.  Exhaling completely

Breathing into your heart-space visualize a flower growing at the center of your heart. What kind of flower is it? What color is it? How does it smell?

Taking a deep breath in and on the exhale allow the flower to open up a little more. Petal by petal the flower is blossoming and blooming. Admire its beauty.  

This flower represents your creativity. It’s there inside of you.  

Now imagine a soothing and warm golden light around your heart… it’s a little personal sun to your beautiful flower.

Breathing in and on the exhale visualize sprinkling some water over your flower.

Nourishing the flower. Tending to the flower.

Deep breath in…long breath out…

Notice how this flower is ready to come into full bloom. It is blooming into its potential and becoming the beautiful flower it is meant to be….

You made this… You created this flower.

And you can do the same thing with your own inner creativity.

By slowing down, connecting with your breath and finding stillness within has reconnected you back with your own creative muse.

Breathing in deeply. Exhaling completely.

Stay in this space for a moment. Breathing into creativity and inspiration.  You are connected with your creative muse. Receive what you need in this present moment. Taking in any guidance, healing and inspiration that you need right now. Rest in this sphere of creativity.

Deep breath in…long breath out…

Deep breath in…long breath out…

One more time. Make the most of it…

Deep breath in…long breath out…

Don’t let negativity and frustration take over…don’t rush the creative process.  Learn to accept that setbacks are normal…are human. Use them as an opportunity to recollect your ideas and create something better…something deeper…something authentic…something with more meaning and something that is aligned with your purpose.

You have the power draw on inspiration and tap into creativity…it’s inside of you…  You just need to focus on the right thing…. You just need to believe in yourself…. and you just need to become still within so that you can listen to your creative muse when it speaks to you.

Inhale deeply…exhale completely…

Say to yourself “Creativity lives within me” … “I can do this”

The creative muse within needs space to rise. It needs to come from a sincere place and genuine desire to bring forth something good into the world. It is not something that can be induced or practiced,  and by actively choosing to get quiet within we can create the space in which it is much more likely to unfold naturally.

Now bring your palms together and notice how you feel. thank yourself for taking some time to reconnect with your own creative muse today…. bow to this new discovery about yourself and to the world of creation and inspiration… Thank you for joining me today.

Until next time may you be creative and authentic. May you live your life with ease. Namaste