Every Day Miracles: How To Co-Create With The Universe

Every Day Miracles: How To Co-Create With The Universe

Hello and welcome to my free online course Everyday Miracles. 

There is one thing in this life I have grown to know and believe with 100% certainty and that is that we all have the power within us to co-create with the universe.

Because you are right here right now reading this - the universe has just shifted for you. Just by having an interest or some curiosity in this course you have automatically tapped into that space where manifestations, abundance, beauty, happiness and inner peace flow in too.

The first step in attracting more abundance into your life is believing that it is possible. So the fact that you are showing up and wanting to delve deeper into this world is enough positive ammo to get you started on the path.

The second step is probably the hardest, it requires that you step up and become what you want to attract, and that is what this course hopes to help you become.

Unfortunately, the Law of Attraction and manifesting has become quite oversimplified. There are many people out there profiting on its "supposed secrets", taking advantage of those who are seeking more in their life or in themselves [which happens to also be a big portion of the population].

Truth is, we live in a culture that centres around getting more, being more and achieving more. Therefore; it is no wonder that so many of us feel as though we are less than.

The underlying language of our society is that we should compete with each other and that we should be better than each other. This mentality of achieving more and striving for more only leaves us with a deep sense of lack and feeling that we just don't measure up.

To capitalise on our human ego, our sense of lack and need for more, in comes all the Law of Attraction and manifestation propaganda. Which quite frankly has turned many of us off the idea completely. Many of us can see through the  tricksters, charlatans and charismatic fast-talkers who have learnt the art of selling money, fame, success and happiness.

I think many  of us, myself included, have been seduced at some point in our life by those promises of "for $100 I will show you how I became rich within 7 days".

It doesn't take to long to realise that just because you say that you want something that it means you will attract it into your life. 

When working with the law of attraction, manifestation and abundance it goes far deeper than just saying out aloud what you want. In-fact that is the smallest part of the entire process. 

Attracting abundance and learning how to co-create with the universe requires you to become filled with positivity, love and kindness - for both yourself and the world you live in. It requires that you show gratitude for what you do have, have a deep respect and appreciation for life as it is and do your best to wake up each morning and put your most positive self forward.

The reality is that you don't attract what you want  - you attract what you are. 

Learning to live in alignment with your own true nature and with the world around you is the biggest magnet to attracting what you seek and need.

It really is quite a simple process, however it does require a strong sense of self-awareness. It requires you to do the work to unearth your most authentic self while having the ability to surrender to what is and to instead trust the process.

So if you are willing to rise up to your truest self and step into a space of surrendering, allowing and trusting then I would love for you to join me on this 12 week journey.

Here on the OM Collective I have available just the audio lessons and meditations. If you are an avid reader and are wanting the written format as well then it is best to head to the course over at Botanical Trader [my cottage industry small business where I make a slow produced range of natural beauty products at Sugarloaf Cottage]



WEEK 1: Manifestation, abundance and co-creating with the universe

WEEK 2: Strong back, soft front and wild heart

WEEK 3: Nature Therapy Meditation

WEEK 4: Finding Your Life Purpose

WEEK 5: Tap Into Your Good Vibes: Energy Tune-up Meditation

WEEK 6: Connect With Divine Guidance Meditation

WEEK 7: Guided Meditation For Self-Worth

WEEK 8: Slow Down + Breathe 

WEEK 9: Connect With Your Creative Muse