The Art Of Daily Journalling PLUS A Free Journalling Guidebook

The Art Of Daily Journaling PLUS A Free Journalling Guidebook


The Art Of Daily Journalling PLUS A Free Journalling Guidebook

Taking the time to put your thoughts down on paper is a great cleansing tool that helps clear some space within the mind and body. Journaling helps you identify negative thoughts, patterns and behaviours that may be stopping you from stepping into your full potential.


“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” — Maya Angelou


Journaling is a self-reflection tool that allows you to become aware of how you are living your life. The very act of writing has the power to connect you to your own internal wisdom, inspiring you to focus on what is working for you, encouraging you to let-go of whatever no longer serves you and most importantly it will open and expand your heart and mind so that you can journey into personal growth, transformation and step into your own authentic power and purpose. 

It is your own sacred space where you can truly let go and release. It is a safe place, free from judgement, where you can dream big. Most importantly it is your healing channel where you can write and reflect on all your fears, worries, emotions, dreams, happy moments and visualise a purposeful future.

The art of writing is fast becoming a lost art. The more we are connected to the internet, our phones and the mania of the outside world – the easier it is to forget about the importance and beauty of putting pen to paper.

Journaling is a sacred act and therapeutic tool for stress, emotional healing, resilience, and personal growth. It is a mediative practice that slows the breath, calms the mind and reconnects us to our own internal wisdom and intuition.  

Whatever it is that you want to change in your life; from getting healthy, stressing less, feeling more inner-peace to having your dreams realised  - journalling is a healing tool to help break through the barriers so that you can seed a little positivity into your daily life.



Reconnect back with your own internal wisdom: We live in a noisy world where we seek our answers and validation from external sources. Everything we need resides within us - we just need to get quiet enough within so we can hear the answers to our questions. 

Daily journaling will deepen your connection with your higher self so that you can live life more authentically, purposefully and fearlessly whilst staying connected to your own guidance, inner wisdom and intuition.

Explore and break through limiting beliefs, fears and old stories: Often our thoughts and internal beliefs hold us back. If we can learn to let go of old beliefs and approach every moment with a positive and open mind - we literally become limitless. Sometimes we are not aware of our own self-sabotaging habits and thoughts until we take some time to slow down and tune in. 

Journaling is a sacred place to process what is arising within you, and gives you a safe and nurturing space to dig deep into the inner work. Encouraging you to deal with big emotions like pain, fear, heart-break, sadness, anger, jealousy, resentment and so forth - the more we are able and willing to look at the truth within the easier it is to let it go.

Journaling will bring your attention to all that negative chatter, it will help you process your thoughts and feelings, encouraging you to work through inner blocks which will ultimately lead you to creating more space within for transformation to arise. 

Shift within and move forward: Daily journalling is a powerful tool for creating internal change as it encourages you to take time to reflect and process everything that has unfolded over the day, the week, the year and your life.

When you take the time to reflect on your past experiences you discover what works for you and what no longer serves you - integrating these lessons and learnings you are able to move forward in life. 

Get clarity on what you want: It will support you to clarify your desires, set new intentions and consciously focus your energy upon what you want to create.

Writing is fast becoming a forgotten art. The simplicity and quietude of writing  enables you to listen to our own inner guidance. Truth is, you already have all the wisdom, knowledge and answers within yourself – however over time that voice tends to become harder to hear amongst all the noise and chaos of the outside world. However when you retreat back to the art of writing, it quickly becomes just you, the pen and the paper - making it a meditative practice. It is then within this quiet space that the internal voice becomes clearer - allowing for clarity to arise. 

Unlock happiness: Daily journalling is a great tool to use to induce a deep sense of inner peace within. It will remind you to live each day with intention and gratitude - which ultimately leads to living on purpose with a happy grateful heart.  

Manifest your dreams: By journalling you are intentionally creating thoughts that will shape your future. The more you focus on positivity and abundance - the more positivity and abundance will flow back into your own life.  As Dr Wayne Dyer once said "you don't attract what you want - you attract what you are"

Re-discover self-appreciation: Journaling is a great way to spend some alone time with yourself. You will create a deeper relationship with yourself based on respect and trust. In the process you will drop your need to receive validation from external things and instead start to trust yourself - enabling you to live more authentically and in alignment to your truest self

Become aware of your unhealthy habits: Taking the time to track your habits and thoughts is a great way to evaluate how you could do better. Our free journaling guide book will encourage you to track sleep, water, exercise and thoughts. By becoming accountable for your life you start to consciously create your day, rather than living reactively.

Calm the mind: In our over busy and over stimulated world it is crucial we take time out to un-plug from all the noise. Journaling is a therapeutic tool that can be used to slow down your mind and help break free of anxiety, overwhelm and depression.

Clear the clutter: Sometimes we just need to vent in order to enable us to remove the toxic plague that can at times overwhelm and clutter us. Venting gets the toxicity moving and flowing out of the body.  

Journalling allows you to safely express feelings that you have been bottling up, suppressing or avoiding. It is a private and nurturing platform available to you to help you feel supported, heard, acknowledge, cared for and accepted.

Remain strong in your own truth: With so much going on in our modern world, all the superficial desires, hype and mania can at times tip us off-balance if we don't routinely allow time to check in with ourselves.

Journaling helps ground us, reminds us of what's truly important and reconnects us back to our own truth. Journaling is a healing tool to help you feel empowered and in charge of your emotional wellbeing and mindset.



You can choose to live intentionally and on purpose at anytime and anywhere. You don’t

need to buy a special cushion, or live in the forest, burn incense or have it all together. There is nothing you need but a little quiet time and space to pause. 

Creating daily intentions and planning your day is not only an enjoyable ritual, it de-clutters and calms the mind and has the power to enrich your daily living.

Do yourself a favour, go out and buy yourself a personal diary or notebook that has plenty of pages for taking notes…a place where you can record all your thoughts, feelings, wisdom and Aha moments. This book is “that little place you call your own” so make this book something special, a book that you enjoy writing in.

Alternatively make your own diary and fill it with my hand designed templates below (these are templates that I use in my daily life).

Next thing  is choose a personal mantra. A mantra is a positive phrase or affirmative statement that you say to yourself for the purpose of motivation or encouragement. This could be your favourite quote, proverb, spiritual truth or religious saying. If you don’t know where to look for inspiring quotes, google it – there are heaps!

When choosing a mantra, you’ll want to choose one that represents what you hope to become or believe. Write your newly found mantra on the first page of your new notebook as a blessing on everything that will be written and accomplished on your new road to self-discovery.

Make it a daily habit to write, journal and plan your day. To up-level your experience you may like to do any of these before, after, or during your daily intention setting:

    • Play some meditative music or meditations [try one of our free meditations or soundscapes here]
    • Sit in a sunny, warm and cheerful space
    • Light a candle or burn an incense/essential oils
    • Draw a card from a pack of angel cards, guidance cards or affirmation cards
    • Hold a crystal in your hand
    • Take a gentle walk out in nature
    • Bring your attention to the sounds of nature outside - see if you can hear the birds chirping
    • Put on some soft loose clothing
    • Spray your favourite aromatherapy body mist [try our natural and certified cruelty free aroma spray at]
    • Gaze softly at a leaf on one of your house plants
    • End with your hands on your heart
    • Make yourself a warm cup of tea
    • Stretch your body with gentle yoga
    • Read a page of an inspiring book
    • Eat a sun-ripened piece of seasonal fruit
    • Sip on lemon and mint infused water
    • Take a deep breathe in and feel your breath travel down to your belly. As you exhale notice how your body and mind softens 
    • Sit on a beautiful blanket under a tree
    • Drape your shoulders in a soft blanket or shaw


Before you open your journal take a moment to become present. Appreciate this moment.  Close your eyes and take a deep breath and feel for your intention.

You may ask yourself:

+ Is there something I need guidance on?

+ What has drawn me to my journal today?

+ Do I need clarity on a particular thing?

+ Do I need to express an emotion within?

+ Is there something I am seeking?

+ Is there something I need insight on? 

+ Do I need support, strength and resilience?

+ Is there something I am wanting to feel?

+ Is there something I would like to manifest?

+ Am I wanting to explore and unpack something I  am feeling?

+ What do I want to experience in my journaling session today?

Use the space between each breath to listen to anything that may arise. Don't overthink. Trust that the very first thought or idea that bubbles up within your thoughts is what you need to know for the day's journaling practice.

This initial guidance should be clear enough to help you

focus and get started on your journaling, however allow it to flow freely, giving it the space to move and change, allowing it the freedom to take you where it wants you to go [or where you need to go].

As you journal - be in the moment - and enjoy the journey.


Download my free worksheets which guide you on how to unblock and use positivity and affirmations in your daily life so that you will connect to the natural flow and rhythm of the universe – which will ultimately attract abundance into your life. 

I’ve gathered up the biggest lessons I’ve learnt about staying positive in life and attracting abundance, and put it together into a set of daily worksheets. The worksheets are designed to be filled out daily – preferably over your morning tea/coffee ritual – so that each day starts with a positive intention.

I wanted to write these playsheets because I know how easy it is to get distracted in life. Many of us are consumed with the busyness of the everyday routine which more often than not leads to higher stress levels, disappointment, negativity and forgetting what is truly important in life.

This set of daily intention worksheets is my way of saying ‘Lets stay positive, appreciate what we currently have so that we can all attract abundance into our own lives and the lives of others’.

***Please note I am currently updating this and will have new one attached by May 20th 2020 - so revisit for a new version that includes sleep tracker and more


You will receive a 27 page PDF with different worksheets to choose from. Each worksheet includes a bunch of actionable steps, so you can ensure you set your day off with a positive intention. The worksheets are designed to be filled out daily [in the morning and evening] - prioritising  a few moments to ‘check-in’ and ensure that you are staying positive, focused, balanced and connected.

+ Daily Intention Setter which involves writing your affirmation and positive intentions for the day. It is also a space where you write down any small goals that you want to achieve throughout the day. Along with that there is a place to reflect trying something new, practicing kindness as well as a healthy habit check-list to keep your mind-body running at optimum . Basically this worksheet sets the theme for your day.

+ Rise + Shine is a worksheet to reflect on your sleep, your dreams and how you feel after waking

+ The Day Planner worksheets are to be used to plan your day. It has a daily schedule and to-do list. 

+ Evening Wind Down will inspire you to create a healthy sleep ritual. The work sheet includes a journal page, a gratitude section, prompts to reflect back on the day plus a check-list to ensure a relaxing sleep inducing bed-time ritual.  

+ Sleep Tracker is a 30 day page to record your sleep.

+ 100+ Journal Prompts will help you write and reflect.

Download for free the Intention Living Journal here >>>

free journal prompts and worksheets