Tune in. Breathe. Let the journey begin to reconnect with your inner state of calm.

Be kind to your mind and body. Take a few quiet moments each day to slow down, breathe and check-in with yourself.  With all the distractions, stress and noise of the modern world, it is becoming ever increasingly hard these days to feel a sense of calm, peace and serene within unless we make a mindful choice to create calm habits within our daily life.

Our meditations are nourishment for the mind, body and spirit; inviting you to slow down, discover and connect with a deeper meaning of the world around you. Every Sunday a new meditation is released where there are plenty of tracks to help you find your happy from meditations, sleep stories, mindful exercises and soundscapes.

A Relaxing Place: Rainforest Rain For Sleep

A Relaxing Place: Rainforest Rain For Sleep

Quieten the mind and fall into a deep and nourishing sleep to the sounds of rain gently falling in the lush green oasis of the rainforest. 

Nature’s symphony has been scientifically proven to restore us by helping us relax. Several bodies of research have discovered that nature sounds change the connections in our brains, and reduce the reactive state of the body’s fight-or-flight response.

Fight or flight happens when we are under extreme stress or prolonged stress [which is modern day living for most of us]. The nervous system prepares to fight or flee a threatening situation by releasing the hormones cortisol, adrenaline, and noradrenaline. These stress hormones spike our attention, awareness and energy. -making it very hard to fall asleep. 

Researchers at Brighton and Sussex Medical School in England have determined that nature’s sounds, in contrast to artificial noise, build up the “rest-digest” response, which is the opposite response to “fight-or-flight” which helps the body relax and fall to sleep.

In this soothing soundscape the rainforest noises are a constant sound of a pleasant pitch. For most people the brain will interpret the rainforest soundscape [and any nature soundscape] as non-threatening noises, which helps reduce the fight-or-flight response, which in-turn lowers your stress level and helps you become more relaxed for sleep.

Nature sounds and other background noises also help mask sounds that might keep you awake, like traffic or someone moving around in the apartment above you.

With the increase of technology and the uprise of busyness, our brains are more overstimulated than ever, and we as a society are spending more and more time awake. Nature recordings help slow down the thoughts, relax the stimulation and block out other noises that pose a threat to sleep.

Hit play and trade the ping of push notifications on your mobile device for the sweet sounds of nature. Your REM cycle will thank you.