Tune in. Breathe. Let the journey begin to reconnect with your inner state of calm.

Be kind to your mind and body. Take a few quiet moments each day to slow down, breathe and check-in with yourself.  With all the distractions, stress and noise of the modern world, it is becoming ever increasingly hard these days to feel a sense of calm, peace and serene within unless we make a mindful choice to create calm habits within our daily life.

Our meditations are nourishment for the mind, body and spirit; inviting you to slow down, discover and connect with a deeper meaning of the world around you. Every Sunday a new meditation is released where there are plenty of tracks to help you find your happy from meditations, sleep stories, mindful exercises and soundscapes.


Guided Meditation For Self-Care

Join Claire for a meditation journey into setting intentions for your own self care practice.

In order to feel balanced, energised and joyful, we need to love, nurture and nourish our own mind, body and soul. We need to prioritise self care and ourselves. Even if it is just ten minutes a day.

Focusing on our own well being, it makes us feel whole. And when we feel whole, we live with a joyful, energetic body, a loving and compassionate heart, a clear and inspired mind, a curious and ever expanding spirit, and a lightness of whole being.



    So before we begin, find yourself a spot that you'll be free from distractions and settle in by finding yourself a comfortable position, either sitting up or laying down. Make sure that your spine is straight, your legs are uncrossed and preferably your palms are facing upward. I'll give you a few moments to settle in,

    close your eyes and take a deep breath in through your nose, drawing the breath all the way down to the belly if you can.

    And now exhale out through your mouth or your nose, pushing out all the air, cleansing the lungs and the body

    inhaling drawing in your breath. And as you do so, have an appreciation for yourself, your body and this moment.

    In your own time. Exhale. And as you exhale, allow yourself to just simply let go. Let go of negativity, illness, pain. Let go of self sabotaging habits. Let go of toxic relationships. Let go of anything that is weighing you down.

    Inhaling deeply. As you draw in the breath, feel the oxygen as it nourishes and renews every cell in your body.

    Exhaling completely, releasing and letting go of all that no longer serves you.

    Breathing in, breathe love, gratitude and appreciation for yourself, your body and this moment.

    Exhaling completely, letting go and releasing.

    Slowing down the breath. Becoming more present.

    Settle into the stillness and allow yourself to surrender to any space that's available to you.

    Give yourself permission to heal. 

    Slowing down your breath. It relaxes your entire body. It creates space for you to heal and renew.

    For the next two minutes, just focus on your breath.

    [2 minutes...]

    Bring your awareness to your mind's eye, which is located between your eyebrows. In your mind's eye hold a thought, a vision or maybe a word that represents a new self-care practice that you would like to bring into your life.

    Now hold the thought or the vision or the word in your mind's eye, invite it in and keep it there as you inhale and you exhale

    As you inhale. Visualise a beautiful golden light that's being drawn up into your mind's eye through your breath.

    Keep holding your thought, vision or your word in your mind's eye.

    With each breath that you take, the golden light grows bigger and it grows brighter in your mind's eye.

    This golden light is approving and loving of your self care intention.

    With each inhale, keep drawing in more golden light.

    As the golden light gets bigger, it starts to fill and radiate through your entire body.

    It's circling your heart, down your arms, hands and fingers. Down your back, hips, top of your legs, shins and feet.

    As the golden light continues to burn brightly in your mind's eye your self care intention is becoming permeated into your entire being.

    Your self care intention is becoming part of you.

    Holding the newly seeded self-care intention in your mind's eye. Breathe in deeply and allow your body to feel joyful, energised and renewed.

    Exhale completely

    Breathing in, allow your heart to open up and fill with love and compassion for yourself, your body and this moment.

    As you exhale. Allow your mind to be cleared.

    Inhaling. Invite inspiration and enthusiasm to fill your mind and spirit.

    Exhale completely.

    Feel your mind expand as you open up to new discoveries, curiosities and ways of taking care of yourself.


    Exhale. Notice if you're feeling lighter.

    Inhale. Inviting in light, love, joy and inspiration to reside in your mind, body and spirit.

    Now take a couple more breaths.

    Thank yourself for prioritising your own self-care today.

    Say to yourself, I have a joyful and energetic body.

    I have a loving and compassionate heart.

    I have a clear and inspired mind.

    I love and honour my whole being.

    My entire being. It feels a deep sense of lightness.

    Bring your awareness to the room

    and bring your attention to the sounds that surround you.

    Wiggle your fingers, wiggle your toes.

    Gently. Wake up the body.

    Bring your palms together in front of your chest into prayer and bow your chin to your chest. Thank yourself for taking this moment to honour your entire mind, body and spirit.

    The light in me. It bows to the light in you. May you live your life with ease. Namaste.