Tune in. Breathe. Let the journey begin to reconnect with your inner state of calm.

Be kind to your mind and body. Take a few quiet moments each day to slow down, breathe and check-in with yourself.  With all the distractions, stress and noise of the modern world, it is becoming ever increasingly hard these days to feel a sense of calm, peace and serene within unless we make a mindful choice to create calm habits within our daily life.

Our meditations are nourishment for the mind, body and spirit; inviting you to slow down, discover and connect with a deeper meaning of the world around you. Every Sunday a new meditation is released where there are plenty of tracks to help you find your happy from meditations, sleep stories, mindful exercises and soundscapes.

Finding Your Purpose Meditation

Finding Your Life Purpose Meditation


Today’s meditation will guide you in tapping into your life’s purpose. Your life purpose can be absolutely anything. But most importantly it’s about making sure that your truest and authentic self shows up in the world.

It is a meditation that will help you think about your next step. No matter what comes up for you in today’s meditation I want you to remember that There is no right or wrong. There is no you’re on the right path or you’re on the wrong path. Because living our purpose can often be really messy, disorientating or confusing. But that’s the whole idea behind living on purpose – it’s about creating a path that no one else has laid out for you – you are trailblazing a new path for yourself – and at times you will fumble, fall and make mistakes. But what’s most important is that you get back up and continue to walk your most authentic self forward.

This meditation is not meant for just now. Even though, hopefully, you may receive a little inspiration, guidance or inner wisdom over the course of today’s meditation. It is designed for deeper contemplation, so you can take the questions from today and  just be with them over the next day, week or months. Delve into them more deeply on a regular basis.  The beauty about opening yourself up, taking time for self-reflection and asking questions is that the moment you do this – the universe starts to open up to you, it starts to move and respond to your questions. Especially when they come from a sincere place and are asked with genuine intention. When your truest self comes forward and opens up, the universe will be there to support, guide and nurture you. You just have to be present within so that you can see the signs, opportunities and synchronicities when they arrive.

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Whenever you are ready, go ahead and get comfortable. Either sitting up or lying down. Allow your eyes to gently drift close. Just taking a few breathes in ….and out – allowing yourself to settle in.

As you breathe in, visualise yourself connecting to the earth below you. The earth below you is breathing into your body -  from your feet, to the thighs, belly, back and up to your heart centre. With each breath you take you are becoming more grounded to the present moment.

Allow yourself to melt into this moment. Allow yourself to go from a sense of doing to a sense of being.

As you exhale imagine the earth below you drawing out all your negative energy, worries, stress and tension.

With each breath you feel more grounded, more present, more lighter and more at ease. 

Breathing in – letting in a sense of peace and calm

Breathing out – letting go.

You are feeling more relaxed. You are feeling connected and supported by the earth below you - Feeling safe, nurtured, whole – everything is ok in this moment

It’s just you and this moment – you are present and being – you are connected to your higher self and the divine energy and wisdom of the universe. 

The first question: What has been calling your attention lately – what have you been noticing lately. What are the feelings and emotions you have been feeling. Are there certain people, themes or thoughts that keep arising. What is your authentic self trying to bring to your attention?

2nd -What are the things you have been wanting to do – but you haven’t been able to do because of money, time, resources, tiredness or fear. Fear of failing, being rejected or not being good enough. Or maybe fear that others will judge and disapprove. What are those things that you want to explore and try – but something is holding you back?

3rd What would be fun for you. What do you love doing? What fills you with joy, inspiration, energy and positivity

Dropping all expectations and limiting beleifs. Letting go of all the reasons why you cant do something. Dropping the need for outside approval or the desire to be good at something – just take a moment to think what would be fun for you.  If you had nothing holding you back – what is something you can imagine yourself doing?

4th What did you love to do as a child? One of the greatest insights into what we truly love to do is to think back to when we were children – what did you love to do. What brought you immense joy and enthusiasm? What were you naturally good at?  

5th What do you know right now. What do you know, in your heart of hearts to be 100% certain. It could be a belief, an inner knowing, maybe a personal core value or a truth about yourself or somebody you know. Maybe you know you can explore something new and the universe will always be there to guide and support you. Maybe you know that you would like to see something in particular in the world be changed for the better. Maybe you know that you love to garden, meditate or practice yoga. 

6th Are you willing to move outside of your comfort zone. Are you willing to try something new. Are you willing to risk it all in order to do something that is important to you. To do something different.

7th What is your next step in life. It can be something small or big – but what is that next thing you can do to bring you closer to living with more joy, creativity, inspiration, energy and purpose in your day. What is something that you can do or change in your life to live in more alignment to your most authentic self. 

Envision that next step to be surrounded with a bubble of warm golden light. That next step is floating free, it is right in front of you and it is available to you. If you want that next step - it is available to you. Trust that the universe will help you along the way. The universe is there to guide and support you on your journey.

It is important to acknowledge that your purpose isn’t something that must be found – your purpose is something that just is. Your purpose awakens as soon as you start living in alignment with your own authentic truth.

It is about surrendering to what is true, meaningful and honest to you. Anytime you feel pressure about something you are doing then generally it means you are not in alignment to your true nature and higher self. Rather it is the energy of expectation, striving, competition and having to perform.

What you want to connect with is a more pure, intentional and gentler energy. An energy that guides you within. It is present when you ask questions and take time to re-evaluate why you do things. It is present when you do things with sincerity, authenticity and well-meaning intention. It is present when you show up in the world as your authentic self.

Your purpose  is not something you have to do, be or become. Your purpose is to show up in this world as your most authentic self – and when you can do that you will become a beacon of hope and inspiration for others, you will become a torch bearer that lights up the path for others.

Lighting up the path for others doesn’t mean you need to have your name in lights or impact thousands of peoples lives. It tends to be the more simpler things that are more profound – such as being able to brighten another persons day by just being you. Whether that is through kindness, laughter, creativity, or being brave enough to be with someone during there uncomfortable times.

When you start showing up in the world as your truest authentic self, daring to own your story with no apologise or shame, you will naturally step into your purpose and serve the world in your own unique way.

Finally, when you start living a life that feels genuinely good and true for you, your higher-self aligns with the universal energy and you put yourself in a situation where you are able to receive what you need – receive inspiration, wisdom, guidance, opportunities for the next step.

Once you start receiving, you will quickly come to realise that you can trust in the divine order of all things, and that everything unfolds in its own divine timing. Therefore to live in purpose also requires to live with no expectation of outcomes and to instead trust the process –trusting that everything that is meant for you will never go un-missed 

Connect back to your breath. Breathing in and breathing out.

The more you connect with your own inner state of calm and stillness within – the more you will open yourself up to the possibilities available to you. You have unique talents and gifts that you were born to share with the world. The more you open yourself up to your purpose, your gifts and your own inner guidance – the easier it will be for you  to find the path that leads to your own meaningful work. The journey to purpose doesn’t require seriousness, overtime or a sense of panic. It can be travelled with a sense of ease, joy, and light-heartedness. At the end of the day, if you find yourself doing something that brings great joy and enthusiasm – you are living in a state of purpose.

Bring your awareness back into the room, into your body, your arms and legs, hands and fingers.

Taking a final deep breath in – let any thoughts, ideas or inspiration that rose up for you today to simply breathe deep into your heart. Let them become part of you. Keep them close to your heart so that they can guide you on your path to purpose.

And when you are ready – you can open your eyes

Before you get back to your day, I invite you to first spend a few minutes journaling any thoughts or inspirations that came up for you today.

Thank you for spending a few minutes with me today. I hope this meditation has served you in some small way. Until next time stay present, authentic and kind – namaste.